We take only the finest root vegetables and slice them, gently cook them in our fancy way using high oleic oil and then lightly season with sea salt to make our delicious vegetable crisps So whether you’re snacking, sharing picnicking or partying – add a little class with our sumptuously sophisticated and versatile vegetables

Going Down

why choose Scrubbys

Crisps with at least 30% less fat and 18% less calories

Well, the vegetables are harvested from the soil, from where they are gently, ‘scrubbed’ clean before being washed and sliced with their skins on, our fancy way of cooking at a much lower temperature creates a crisp which has none of the burnt and oily overtones of other vegetable crisps providing wonderful characteristics which are;

  • Large, clean slices of good honest vegetables
  • Fresh and natural with some visible skin to the edges
  • Defined vegetable flavours with a natural sweetness
  • Fairly thick cut slices, which are still crisp and light

We knew these vegetables were ‘scrubbed’ clean, this naturally lent itself to the crisps having ‘scrub’ in their title, our family name is ‘Brumby’, so we simply took the ‘by’ from the end of our name added it to ‘scrub’ – voila, SCRUBBYS were born, capturing and retaining all the goodness nature intended, creating what we believe is the tastiest, healthiest vegetable crisp you can buy!